NASA GHCC Real-Time WRF Weather Model System


Real-time mesoscale model forecasts using the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model are being produced out to 48 hours twice each day at the NASA Short-term Prediction Research and Transition (SPoRT) Center. The current model configuration employs a 36 km domain that covers the continental United States and a 12 km nest over the Southeast. Web products from the first 12 h of a forecast are typically available at 11:00 am ( 11:00 pm) CDT for the 6:00 am ( 6:00 pm). Specific details on the model configuration are provided in the table below.


Continental United States

Southeast Region

This data not only has the typical disclaimer applied with operational model data over the net (i.e., check the date & time of the weather products you request on the internet...we cannot guarantee the timeliness & availability of some products...this link should not replace official dissemination of forecasts & warnings by NOAA WEATHER RADIO or other sources), but they also have qualifiers that apply to any research of this nature. That is...while we try to ensure this data is as accurate and timely as possible, it is a test model. Adjustments are made based on past performance to improve model accuracy. Resources (both hardware and personnel) are such that things can go wrong in both the processing and posting of this data on the net.

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